Open air on the showroom floor or office with a door?

Bill Simmons
My vote would be to get rid of the offices and position them in a workstation on the showroom floor. They will be able to monitor your traffic and salespeople better from being positioned there. There are other offices I would imagine where they could have a private meeting with a customer or a consultation with an employee.
Charles Gallaer
I'm with Bill 100%. When I was the GM of a dealership, I had a desk on the showroom floor situated near our reception area where I spent most of my time. I only used my office when I had to handle something that was best handled in private (counseling employees, handling customer complaints, discussing financial data with comptroller, etc.). I set up desks on the showroom floor for my sales manager and F&I manager too.
T J Houghton
Thanks Bill and Charles, I believe you are both correct. Just needed a little confirmation from an outside source.
Mike Fox
Hi T J Houghton, The open-air showroom opened will be adapted to the look and layout of today's modern-day lifestyle centers. An expanded section of Friendly showroom.
Wendi Venable-Nelson
Customers hate the office feel- how do I know? I ask them, among other things. They also aren't fond of the perched tower configuration yet I just saw two brand new stores last week that had BRAND new perch towers. Someday I am sure that we as an industry will take this all into consideration. In my experience how a sales floor is configured is a great indicator of the wiring inside the head of the leaders. Interpret that as you choose
T J Houghton
Thanks Wendi, I couldn't agree more about the office feel. I do want to know more about the "perch towers". We have a Honda and Toyota store side by side. One has bar height tables for customers and the other the lower desk height. When I see a manager go onto the floor to talk to a customer with the lower tables I can literally see the customer tense up as the manager walks up over them. They have to get seated very fast to get eye to eye and reduce the tension. At the bar height tables the body language is much more relaxed. After observing that I had envisioned an eye level manager station that would be open and inviting for the salesperson or customer. Hopefully not like being called in front of the judge. When you refer to “perch”, is that what you are thinking of or is it something higher? I want to get this right the first time. Interpreting as I choose is the only way that I can do it.

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