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* What is your best advice to handle the "what is your best price" question, when we advertise our prices?


Chris K Leslie

In a market that is as quick as ours and to be competitive you already have your best price being advertised. 

Everyone else on here is going to tell you that you need to build value in the dealership and blah blah blah. The reality though is that a customer asking a question like that isn't interested in hearing the top 10 reasons you think they should buy a car from you. 

The best way to handle this simple question is to provide a simpler answer. 

Rance Summers

Chris makes a great point.  People don't want to read a list of why your car is priced at that price.  I believe in Transparency and that your online/internet price should be your best price, but when someone asks what your "best price" online/phone you need to respond.  I suggest something similar to: "At Aussie Motors we always make our advertised price our best price. We believe in being honest and transparent with all our customers.  If you feel we are overpriced then I would love to discuss your needs and understand your point of view.  The best way I have found to do this is if you come in and see the vehilce you are interested in and we can discuss it further.  What time would work best for you to come in?"  

I hope this doesn't come off as maniuplative, but lets be honest, the real goal is to get a phone lead to set an appointment, and then actually come into the dealership. 

mark rask

We give them our best price. And also explain how we came up with it

Lewis Earl

Acknowledge - Explain - Bridge - Either Or question

Acknowledge (Great question! We at Aussie Motors feel the same way, we think it is important to give everyone the best price.)

Explain (That's why we take all the hassle out of buying a vehicle and start with our best foot forward on every vehicle's price. Take your pick, they all have my best price!)

Bridge (With that in mind,)

Either Or Question (I see you are asking about our middle trim level vehicle, are you set on these features and options or are you open to saving a little more money and going with a nicely appointed base model?)

mark rask

If you get an inquiry asking for your best price give it and compare it to otherdealers

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