Poll: Four C's for No Closing New Car Customers!

Kevin Bookbinder
On the floor; the deal goes south and gets the N/C because: please rank based on frequency of occurrence; Credit (-Bad Credit / No Credit / all credit issues) Car (Car not available) Customer (either shopping the deal or brands; they came to test drive) Conflicting Personalities (even after the turn...) What's missing? Which would you pick as #1?... #2? If the response rate to this poll is good I can produce a report.. It would be a great report if everyone raked the entire list.... data is good- kb
Kevin Bookbinder
Out of ten customers that sat down and negotiated how many no close? 20%? 50%?
Jared Hamilton
What are you qualifying as a no close? People who came to the lot and didnt buy? People who filled out a credit app and didnt buy? People who filled out a write up, no credit app and didnt buy? What stage of the sale are you talk about here and I bet we can get you some answers.
Kevin Bookbinder
Jared, Short answer; Yes. In reality any fresh up that is looking for info on a vehicle be it a demo or incentives or what have you qualifies. In the grand scheme of things this counts against traffic numbers so it should count against closing % as well. So for the sake of argument let's go with all new car floor traffic. Looking forward to the responses! Kevin
Jim Bell
I would say that ours would be in this order: Credit, Customer, Car, Conflicting personalities. Our sales guys are pretty good at when they feel like they aren't getting along with a customer like they should to give them the experience they need, they will turn them to another salesperson. When it comes to the customer, they shop and you have to sell them the benefits of doing business with you and the dealership. If you aren't doing that, you aren't a good salesperson.
Bryan Cheers
1.Credit 2.Customer 3.Car 4.Conflicting personalties. And by the way 3 and 4 are very rare. Bryan

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