PPC advice please...

T J Houghton
Just started our first PPC campaign. Built specific landing pages. Ran Saturday and Sunday. Delivered 3 on Monday. (beginners luck big-time) Have figured out people are clicking my ad to run up the budget. $7 bucks a pop gets expensive. Any advice on frequency capping? How much is too much or too little. Help!!!
Terrence Gordon
TJ, How are you certain people are clicking just to run up the budget? Also, a $7 average CPC is EXTRAORDINARILY high. Frequency Capping applies to Google's Content Network only. Not the Search Network. We keep our dealers off the Content Network as the quality is poor (which is why you are probably seeing clicks with no conversions) and it throws off the top level CTRs, which we use to measure the campaign.
T J Houghton
Terrence, I'm not certain that people are, but I have had conversations where people tell me if they see an ad from a competing dealer they click on it. I try to be respectful of others ads when I see them. Maybe I am just being a little cynical. Hope so. I just found out that it is Content Network only. I turned that off the first day. Don't want my ads showing up on fixmyjallopy.com. Not every click $7, but can be depending on what you are willing to do for placement and what key word. Example: Dallas Chevy views 1,542 CTR 1.04% CPC $8.08 ave placement 3.1 I can try turning down max bid. Am I missing something? Appreciate your thoughts. Don't click my ad! :) 8 bucks is 8 bucks. It goes here: http://www.lmchevy.com/worth-the-drive-from-dallas-or-fort-worth/
Terrence Gordon
I would definitely turn down the max bid (we aim for sub-$2.00 average CPC across the entire campaign), but I would also work on fine tuning the phrase matching. Broad Match may get you more impressions, but not necessarily more clicks vs. Phrase Match where your CPC's could be up to 50% cheaper. Exact Match will get you the highest quality clicks at the lowest cost, but the problem becomes the volume. My motto has always been, "a click is a click". I'd rather pay $1.75 for that click than $5.00 even if it means I'm #4 instead of #2. Position is important to achieve visibility, but remember it has a direct affect on your CPC. It's a fine line to ride. Good luck!
T J Houghton
Switched keywords that are working to "*" and reduces max bid. we will see if we still get traction and lower cost per click. Thanks dude!

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