Pre-PDI New Car Pics

Chris K Leslie

So I run into this issue every year around this time. The issue is that we have so many new cars being delivered and a single PDI guy at each store. In short we have a few hundred new vehicles sitting in our overflow lots that are pre-PDI and don't have pics. 

Since we have so many on the ground I am considering shooting them as is until they go through PDI and then re-shooting again. 

Curious to know if anyone else has this issue and if so how have you tried to remedy it? 

mark rask

So we build a master bank of photos and can reference back to like vehichles .

blake salinas

As soon as the transport arrives our photographer takes 5 photos of the vehicle and immediately posts them.  It works for us.  It verifies that the vehicle is in stock.  Once it comes out of PDI we then goet over 20 photos uploaded.

Dennis Wisco

I offered up a suggestion to my GM at the time of having an inventory of photos of cars, and simply pulling photos from the inventory bank...exactly what Mark Rask does.  I don't know why this didn't get adopted.  At Audi, a Phantom Black A6 with 20-inch wheels is the same car in July as it is in August and Sept.  I recommended a naming system, which I think is paramount to ensuring the proper car being displayed.  It went like this:

Folder Directory System - Model Year>Model
File name - Exterior/Interior_Photo Angle_Color_Option1_Option2_Option3

For example, ext_side profile_phantom black_20inch wheels or ext_front end_phantom black_black optics or int_centerstack_walnut brown inlays_technology package

But, this never did get implemented so maybe I'm wrong...

Brandon McNett

I agree with Blake, trying to get my Sales Managers to have pictures posted as soon as we get a vehicle in off the transport or on trade.  It's in V-Auto, let's take a couple of pictures ASAP so that we can have REAL photos online.

Johnson  Smith

I agree with  Brandon.  We can have real pics posted online  as soon as we get a vechile on trade. It helps in verifying and making a strong presence in the minds of consumers.  

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