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Glenn Simmons
All of my Internet Customers want my best price. When I give it to them, they tell me they have better offers. Even if I am at invoice less dealer cash. What should I do?
Jared Hamilton
Are your prices competitive? Its a harsh world, but sometimes we want to place a price based on margin. (in actuality that is one of the worst ways to price.) Seek engagement from them. Can you ask them for more information, IE vin and exact quote? "Mr Customer, all dealerships pay the same for each new vehicle regardless of their size. I wouldn't expect you to buy from me if I was not competitive, so if you could forward me a vin number and price they are offering Ill be happy to research the deal. One of three things will happen: 1. I will be able to beat their price and save you even more money. 2.I will learn what they are doing and confirm they are giving you a deal that I am not in a position to do. (sometimes due to personal inventory restraints a dealer will take a big loss to offload a car and they may) Either way you would win and I would love the opportunity to help out and make sure my pricing is extra competitive." Hope that helps
Mico Mlodzinsky
Either: 1. Your price is not competitive (Stair-step programs, holdback, etc.) 2. Your competitors are giving them something you cannot give - personal attention, extra services such as pick-up from home... Sometimes it's just whoever calls the customer first.
Hello I am not a veteran by any means in the business, however, I have learned something very recently that may help you. When I encountered this situation recently I asked one of my veteran managers for some advice. I had a lead that had a great price (wouldn't tell me the price or the trade figure) and wanted my best offer. He wouldn't allow me to contact him by phone only by email. My manager told me to write him an email as if I were talking to an old friend....mention that we all buy the vehicles from the same place at the same prices and that all I could offer was a price match, apples to apples, and that I could promise him the best service he has ever encountered. He said to be firm and insist the customer come in and bring the trade and his checkbook as I would beat any deal. The customer came in yesterday and we began negotiating based on the deal he had at the competitor. We matched the discount, we matched the trade and we were 2k higher because our vehicle had many more options. He aske
Jared Hamilton
Sometimes as sales people we want to base our entire processes around the most difficult customers to deal with because they stick out the most in our minds. Internet customers want price, give them a competitive price but in the end remind them there is so much more to buying a vehicle and that in the big picture $50 or $100 isnt much. "If I am in the ball park rest assured we all buy our cars from the same place, at the same price and Im not going to lose your business over a couple hundred dollars. However, if I am in that consideration set I would suggest we meet in person or at minimum talk over some of the other benefits you will get in buying form is IN ADDITION to getting he very best deal possible." Just keep in mind the extreme mooches are quite rare and your whole sales process shouldnt be based around them, so dont make any habits out of how you deal with them.

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