Process consistency from online to offline?

Bart Wilson

We're doing some research right now, and one of the takeaways is that customers want a consistent experience online to offline.  Meaning, they need to fill out a bunch of the same information when they get to the store that they already completed online.  How are you managing your process to make sure there is consistency?

Mark Rask

Man i have seen this happen so happen so many times......Things go sideways when you don't have the same experience for them .We have had to coach our bdc over and over on this to get it right 

Drew Bettiol

Basically it's a matter of everybody being on the same page for us. Constantly working with the sales managers and not just confusing the customer making them fill out a bunch of the same documents.

Marie Nies

This is something that can easily be worked into your weekly sales meetings or better yet in your next training session. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Drew, agreed - especially when it came to the credit application. I never understood why the sales managers made them fill it out AGAIN! Especially since the one online was legal. We have been using DocuSign, and try and have them complete as many of the documents as possible online, but there are a few documents that still require an ink signature. 

Drew Bettiol

@Derrick YES! they just don't seem to get it that customers want an convenient experience not to spend hours upon hours at the dealership. At least there's the option to make the process a little easier before they event step foot on the lot. Just wish more dealers would do that.

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