Process improvement: what are you working on?

Bart Wilson

How are you currently tweaking your process to address today's customers?  What have you been the most effective changes?

Derrick Woolfson

One of the processes we have actively tweaked is the finance process. With not being able to have all of our customers in F&I at the same time, the delays can really affect the customers overall experience. That said, we are making sure to present the customer with Warranty/Service options prior to their going into F&I. This way it saves the customer time in F&I. We are also making sure that there is not any paperwork missing. As that, too, can really add to their overall time working with F&I, which also means that the customer following them is also delayed. 

Bart Wilson


Is this presentation a salesperson activity?  I like the idea, just wondering how well it is being accepted by the finance team.  

Marie Nies

Derrick-what is your average turnaround time on that ? Are the credit app's being done online prior to coming in or after ? Are the salesman/BDC agents also asking when making the appointments ? etc.....

Mark Rask

Mostly in on boarding 

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