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Maddy Low

What are some of your best resources for learning more about the cars you sell and the industry in general?

Matt Lamberth

In my opinion, the best way to learn about the tech is to get in the car and push every single button and access every single feature.  As for performance specs, I just download the specs page from the OEM. 

mark rask

matt is correct....we also do some group training sessions as well.

Maddy Low

I love the idea of doing training about it! Because consumers can walk in armed with so much knowledge, being able to guide them is so crucial.

Maggie Pugesek

I think this is an area that is seriously lacking. I find that when I am training a BDC most often they are completely unfamiliar with features/makes/models and sound insecure when asked about them. A few weeks ago I started putting together a spreadsheet of brands, makes, models, trim levels etc so that we can work on developing product knowledge training for our customers. If you do not sound educated on your product, it makes it difficult for the customer to trust you or feel confident in your abilities to assist them. 

I usually suggest scrolling websites like AutoTrader, because you can learn about each brand in one spot.

For any Nissan sales reps out there, on YouTube the Nissan Owner Channel is pretty awesome! I have all my Nissan customers using it. I work in a dealership where some of my best customers are 300 miles away. If I have someone call with a question about the Navigation System in a Murano let's say, I can walk them through it or they can log into Nissan Owner Channel and there is a video that will teach them while they sit in their vehicle on their smartphone. Very useful!  

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