Product Knowledge vs. People Skills?

Brian Maxwell

In an era where technology is rapidly evolving and how we communicate are changing. In the Twitter era conversations and points have to be made in 140 characters or less. I believe that technology is important but the human element will always play a major role in our decision making process. 

Dealerships like the stores I work with that are profitable and have a low turnover ratio are successful because they realized and adapted to the fact that todays consumers wants a lot, for a little, and wants it 5 minutes ago. Product knowledge use to be very impressive before the internet. Today's customers come in and know more about a vehicle than the sales person their working with. 

People today want to feel special and with the everyday hustle and bustle any sales professional that focuses on getting to know their customer and has a genuine interest in helping them will ALWAYS make more money and be more successful that the ones who know EVERY technical aspect for forget the mopst important piece...THE CUSTOMER!

What do you think?

For me, I think it always has been about the relationship. Product knowledge is great and it's absolutely important. However, you can have all the knowledge on a product you want but if you don't have people skills it won't do you much good. Both I believe need constant development to build and maintain a successful sales career. 

Jamil "The Carman"

Thank you @Brain for bringing this topic up.Product knowledge is one of the main elements for a successful sale, it creates confidence trust and leads to the second phrase of the sale process if it's presented right.Educating and investing in your sales staff is a must .Regardless of people being more educated and knowledgeable of the product before coming to your dealership ,Salespeople need to know what they are selling in and out and know how to present it in a way that makes the customer comfortable and confident about what he is getting in .Investing training and educating your salespeople is the way to go .


Mark Rask

Ut is hard to find the proper balance

Brian Maxwell

Thank you for your comments!

Tori Zinger

I think that both are absolutely invaluable; you've got to have a balance. If your people skills are excellent but you can't answer any of the customer's questions about the vehicle, then you don't look confident about the value of your product.

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