Racial preference

Vincent R
So it seems like customers have a preference in who to deal with as far as ethnicity is concerned. For example a black person or family may prefer to work with a black salesman or a Hispanic family may prefer to work with a Spanish speaking person. We get a lot of Spanish speaking Mexican folks at my dealership and a lot of times they prefer to speak to someone who speaks Spanish. I have a theory that I may be losing sales because I do not speak Spanish. What do you guys think?
Lauren Moses
Vincent, I don't see a ton of that around here. Of course we don't have any ethnic sales people at the moment. Unless you count me and I'm half Mexican. I can understand the Spanish speaking people wanting to go to someone who speaks in their native language. You wouldn't want to call somewhere and speak to someone who's original language gets in the way of their English. I also know since I speak a little Spanish (I've slacked off from when I was a child and in school), that it's easier to get some words across in Spanish because their are no English words for them and vise versa. Maybe invest some time in learning to speak Spanish. Even if it is just basics for carrying on a small conversation to get the deal started. A simple "hola, como estas?" just to let them know that you have a basic knowledge may brake the ice enough that you can score a deal with them. Or atleast start one. If you want some help let me know. It's always nice to have someone who can speak it to practice with.
Dustin Lyons
You wouldn't believe how many spanish speaking people could not be closed by non spanish speaking sales people, and how quickly they were closed by someone who did speak spanish. I might struggle with someone for hours and not get anywhere and as soon as I turned them to one of our spanish speaking guys it was pretty much time to get a deal jacket. Crazy!
Vincent R
Some of my co workers think that some of the people that end up not buying are just not serious buyers.
Lauren Moses
Vincent, The not being serious buyers could be any where. Next time that you have someone come in that closes a deal with Spanish speaking customers, have your sales manager just ask them. Maybe mention to the customer that y'all were discussing it in a training meeting. Ask them what y'all could do to make the sales process easier for someone who prefers to speak Spanish. You may be surprised at the results.
Carlo Castillo
In Miami we get it all and always try to match up from the very beginning. If the last name on a lead is "Francois or Jean" we have our go to Creole/French speaking salesmen to work them.

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