Real Photos vs. Evox

Dave Page
I can tell you from looking at data across 800 dealers that real photos generate more opportunities than those with stock photos. This is why it is a grading criteria in the dashboard of our websites. In addition to that, a customers who is about to spend 35K to 100K on a new vehicle should be presented the actual photos of the vehicle they are going to buy. Why dealers choose to do this for only used cars is beyond me. I do understand that most new vehicles are the same color with the same options at times, but that's no excuse to give them a worse experience online when looking at used cars versus new. We currently see about a 20% increase in leads from phone calls, chats, form leads on dealers who take this approach versus the stock photo approach. Hope this helps!
Larry Schlagheck
Dave, I absolutely agree. I wasn't going to chime in because my perspective is that of a consumer, but this drove me nuts last year when I was shopping for a new vehicle. Show me the damn (actual) car! Or, if it's "in transit" indicate that then get the pics up as soon as possible.
James Klaus
I think this is no brainer. The vast majority of customers go online and look at your inventory. Show them pictures of the vehicles they want to see. Make it easy on them! Give them Pictures!
Shawn Brady
Thanks for your input. Dave thanks for some basic numbers. I want the real photos and just need to show the owner the value.
Shawn, I recently completed a shopper usability study - with the primary focus on getting consumers to the VDP and submitting a qualified lead. Seeing ACTUAL photos and being able to search by Color where the top items shoppers looked for. When shown dealer sites using only stock images (eVox), the shoppers felt that all the cars where the same and didn't spend much time with the dealers inventory. Actual photos made each car look unique and encourages shoppers to look at more vehicles to find the one(s) they are interested in. You can see more from the study by downloading the ebook at (not trying to plug anything to purchase - this is a free ebook with lots of great information). James
Shannon Hammons
I love for my competitors to use Evox. Gives me a great advantage.

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