Sales Board

Morgan Hardy

Do you have a sales board that shows everyone's sales for the month? Do you allow the salespeople to put up their own "chips"? Curious how others work this. 

Morgan Hardy

I've seen some that hold their chips until close to the end of the month and put them all up at once. Some keep theirs separate. I think everyone should be following the same process. 

Derrick Woolfson

We used to have a dry erase board in the sales managers office, which was visible to customers. I never liked that. I get wanting to know where the month is at, but that is not something the customer needs to see. Instead, we now have a google sheet that manages this, and the managers post the deals when they have been booked. The sales guys do not have access to edit the sheet, but can "view" their sales, and it auto calculates their current monthly commissions for them so they know where they are at. 

Chris K Leslie

We keep the majority of that info in the CRM. we do have boards that we would pull out for sales meetings. But since those meetings are happening as often the boards dont come out as often. 

Randi DeSantis

We  have sales boards still. The sales people write up their sales, then notate when they deliver and adjust the totals. It is not in an area that is usually accessed by customers- and even if customers do see it, it doesn't bother me. 

Bart Wilson

There is something about entering a sale on the sales board. I am a firm believer in digitizing things, but I feel that some things are better analog (or white board in this case).


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