Salespeople Access

Morgan Hardy

Do you allow your salespeople access to view new leads that come into the CRM? If so, are they allowed to work them as they see them?

Derrick Woolfson

No, only because we have found they do not take the time to cross-check the lead. And it wound up causing more issues. For example, if the spouse/partner of the customer completed an online coupon, credit app, etc. it will not auto merge (depending on the contact information used). At which point, it was causing a lot of "friction" between the sales consultants. So we just quickly go through them and pass them out. Plus if the guys are not making any calls, or managing their current leads they do not get new ones. 

Morgan Hardy

@Derrick- that makes sense. Do you think the salespeople would take the time to look if they were properly trained on the CRM?

Randi DeSantis

We have a round robin system that assigns based on the department and days off. Managers see the leads for their departments and reassign as needed. Our old CRM (and I am dating myself and going back like 10 years)- was the set up where the leads came in and sales people had to pick them up and work them themselves. There was a lot of cherry picking. This works better because its blind assignment (unless the customer already exists in the system). 

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