Selling on the floor

Chip Mendez
Mark Rikess from the Rikess Group is training sales people on something what's called "negotiation-free" selling. I don't know the details on this, perhaps someone out there might have some info on this, or perhaps you have experienced it first hand. Please throw in your nickle's worth, I'd like to know if you guys has had success with it.
Mike Phillips
Does, negotiation free selling work? In my opinion, yes. As with any selling it works if there is good training and a strong foundation of sales tools. Dale Pollak (founder of vAuto) has recently (and not so recently) been discussing the art of "Negotiation through Documentation." This is the most powerful tools I've seen to show the value and proof positive of HOW you arrive at your pricing, PRIOR to getting to the presentation of any sort of proposal. And in most cases there is no additional cost, just some training, scripting and sharing with the prospect tools you already have available. Based on our pricing in our stores, we are always open to show book values, an AutoCheck report and a market report to support HOW we arrive at our prices. Often we will share that information prior to looking at a vehicle, and in all cases they are discussed and shared with the prospect prior to any proposal, which in our case includes all finance products out front as well. We also lay the groundwork in our up front sales scripts that we are a one price store and have eliminated the number one frustration of most consumers... the negotiation process. This type of "negotiation" should not replace talent or salesmanship. The sales person STILL has to SELL the car! What you don't want to produce is a "This is the price..." Attitude. Often in the internet car sales environment that we are all in, the sales consultant goes right to the computer and "shows" the car... KNOCK THAT CRAP OFF! In addition to the tools I mentioned above, the prospect still deserves a bang up presentation and demo drive. It is all still sales: sell yourself, the dealership, YOUR PROCESS, THE CAR. Selling, real selling of a product even now does not put the price as the number one driver, price may have got the prospect in the door, it is still the sales consultants job to SELL the car! Once all of that is presented by the sales consultant in a professional fashion, it truly makes the process easier for sales staff, management and the prospect who often leaves a happy customer. There you have my nickel. -Mike
Ernie Kasprowicz
I agree a salesperson must sell! In fact, "selling" is even more vital if "negotiating price" is off the table as a means to close. A non-negotiated price may not be the lowest price. Great advice for salespeople to follow is to focus on and build value in the eyes of the client. Connect and engage your client based upon their needs and wants. As overall value inceases the pressure of price decreases.

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