Should you send out a price quote or not

Michael Migliorini
When you are working internet sales should you send out a price quote? The way that I see it is you shouldnt send out a price quote untell you see that the customer has responded to your web leads or you've make contact with the costomer. I think that when you send out a price quote right away your giving info that you dont have to give out right away. When you 1st get the email you should make the first email that you send out personal because every dealershit is going to send out the same templet or atleast onlong the same lines. Then if they respong to your email then you can give them price quotes if thats what they are looking for.
Larry Schlagheck
I agree SurfBum. There are always additional questions that can be asked in an effort to begin a dialogue. It gets back to Paul Rushing's question about branding yourself as a salesperson versus branding the dealership. Either way you have to form a relationship in order to brand anything. If you simply respond with a # all you're doing is commoditizing your position and business.
Bart Wilson
I kind of look at this differently. What is the customer looking for when they send a request for a price quote? Aren't the looking for a price quote? Don't you think the easiest way to prove to the customer that you want to earn their business is to answer their question, which is, "how much does it cost"? More often than not the car that they are asking about doesn't exist or isn't what they really need. That is when the salesperson comes in and does their job.
Amanda Tossberg
Why not send a price range? This way the consumer gets the information they requested and you aren't tied down to one price that may change over time. As a consumer, I know that I'm most interested in getting competitive pricing (not necessarily the lowest price) and great service.
Philip Zelinger
If you don't send a price they will find someone who will, or even more likely, they will find a virtual dealer with a transparent pricing policy on their website while you are reminding them why they went online instead of visiting a dealership - or engaging with a "car salesman" to get the price to begin with! I suggest that you give before you expect to get by sending them a fair market value price on the vehicle that they asked for, plus one with less equipment and a CPOV or preowned option to compare it to. Also, offer to answer some questions that they may not have known to ask, like - would you also like a value on your vehicle, some payment plans and an opportunity to test drive the vehicle vs. competing models at your dealership? They must win before you can even play in the game - or at least they have to feel like they did!

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