Shouldn't this deal be split?

Vincent R
I'm sure you guys probably here stories like this all the time so I could use some input. Yesterday a prospect called in and asked a few basic questions about a truck we had. He agreed to come in and we got off the phone. So he comes in saying he talked to someone over the phone but didn't know who. The other salesperson did not make a very good effort in finding out who he spoke with. He and my manager just kept saying that the customer didn't ask for me. As I was observing this, I brought up that I talked to the customer over the. Got his name, number, desired vehicle, t And even told my boss what we talked about. Lo and behold the guy buys the truck. And now my manager nor the other salesperson does not want to split the commission because the customer didn't ask for me. Who's right here?
Jillian Marchewka
Honestly, I'd say it takes two to tango... Yes he was originally your lead, but you could have ensured via the phone that he would remember to ask for you when he comes to the dealership. Here's a good rule in car sales... When on the phone, make sure that you ask them if they have a pen/paper handy to write down your name and then spell it out to them. If they don't have a pen/paper handy but are calling via mobile phone (ask them first), and text them your name, your phone number and email address. This way there isn't any type of confusion when they get into the dealership. Also if your dealership is using a CRM, be sure to collect the customer information over the phone and link it to you/schedule their appointment under your name if they come to see a vehicle. This makes sure that people aren't skating your phone/internet ups. Collecting this information should be easy if you follow a proper phone script process.
Vincent R
We don't use a CRM but I still take down everyone's name and number. I usually do tell people to come in and ask for me but this guy just slipped through the cracks.
Lauren Moses
Vincent, I feel your pain on this one. As the internet manager, I mainly have internet leads in my sales book every morning. However the SAME customers will "mysteriously" appear in the other sales books a few days later. Even though I have been emailing back and forth about information and trying to get them to the dealership. As for your situation, I would know that it is money out of your pocket, especially since you made the appointment and took the call, but try not to get to upset. Emotions only make situations worse. Try approaching the boss you spoke with originally before the customer even showed up. Ask if there is something you can do to prevent this kind of situation from occurring again. Maybe it's as simple as letting the other salesmen know that you have an appointment coming in with "customers name" and then say, if I'm not up here please come find me or page me over the intercom. Then, there is more than one set of ears hearing you proclaim a customer coming in and you have others to back you up.
Dennis Wagner
Unfortunately for you.. No! You have to make certain that the customer asks for you. I know it's harsh, but that is just how it works. Even though you don't have a CRM your managers must have a log of some kind to keep track of all lot ups, phone ups, internet leads and so on. You should also have an appointment board in the managers office for all sales people to post all of their appointments. That would help to keep this from happening more often.
Vincent R
Dennis, I am the only one who keeps a log of leads. But just to clarify, if a customer doesn't ask for someone, then they are free game? I thought we were to try and find out who they spoke with.

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