Skating or not skating?

Joel Blevins

Ok I'm new to car sales a "green pea" so to speak.  The other day i'm standing on point as usual as i'm the only salesmen that even goes outside and that's not at my desk or talking to the tower 24/7.  A couple is outside looking at cars and I approach them and get their names and introduce myself they are in service getting a oil change and show them a car talk the wife into getting a new car and get them into a test drive and get back to my desk and make them a profile on crm. So i see that another salesman sold them a car over a year ago so i'm like huh that's cool "never hearing of skating before".  Well when I was delivering the car the previous salesman approaches me and tells me I've skated his customer???  I immediately tell him they never asked for anyone and I was the only one on point and it was my customer and that if they had asked for him i would have brought them to him but they never said anything.  So now him and another salesman that work together alot are furious with me and and I feel like I did nothing wrong.  Now I do believe that if it was a phone up or internet or even if they were in previously and he showed them a car and they came back but couldn't remember his name then thats his deal no questions asked but for this scenario I feel it's fair game.   What do you all think?

Sherri Riggs

Since your are green, this is definitely a learning moment. I would say maybe next time approach the salesperson who's name is in the system, and let them know the situation. I'm not sure what the right answer is though!

Amanda Gordon

I was taught to always ask in the meet and greet "Who are you here to see" or some version of the question. Helps prevent (most of the time) those sticky situations. 

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