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Hi I'm Kim, I'm new to the Forum but I'm so excited to know your thoughts on this topic.

As a Sales Consultant with Tamaroff Nissan in Southfield, MI; I've created a Nissan Facebook page Women With Wheels to engage with the public about their comments, opinions and thoughts relating to the automotive industry.

How do you engage with the community to build relationships?


Derrick Woolfson

Welcome, Kimberly! There are multiple ways to engage the community and build relationships. The first thing I would do, however, is getting with your management team and make sure that you are in agreement, and on the same page with using a Facebook page. Each dealer has rules and social media guidelines (for instance, logo usage, and OEM compliance guidelines) that they follow. The second thing you should do is understand the audience in which you are targeting, which will assist you in selecting and curating relevant content. Part of adding relevant content to the audience you are targeting is running AD's with Facebook (paid) promoting your brand. Making sure that all links go back to your website - where (in some cases) you can actually add an appointment URL which connects to the CRM. This will allow you to track ROI off of Facebook for ad campaigns. There is an endless amount of options!! But, as I said above - make sure to have a vision, and understand your target audience. You will find that they will start to engage :) Hope this helps! Also be sure to check out some of the Driving Sales Courses on Social Media!! 

Jason Stum

Hi Kimberly and welcome to the forums! First, I just wanted to give you some kudos for taking the initiative to get active on social media in an effort to engage the local community. As a fellow Michigander (I'm in Rochester Hills) and former sales professional who used social media heavily, I applaud your efforts!

I was checking out your FB page (and 'liked' it) and I thought I would pass along a few suggestions for your consideration.

1. As Derrick mentioned above, if you don't already have permission from your management team, I'd make sure they are aware of your page and how you're using the Tamaroff name.  Every dealership is different, but at my previous automotive group, we didn't allow salespeople to use the group's name or logo in their personal branding efforts.

2. See the screenshot below. There's a lot of branding elements in play that could be confusing for anyone who lands on your page. Are you Women With Wheels? Are you Nissan? Are you Tamraoff Nissan? KBB? etc... If it were me, I'd brand the page as Women With Wheels through and through. One of the many advantages to this is that if you ever should leave your current dealership and move to another, you won't have a sticky situation on your hands with the name of your former dealership tied into your page.

3. In your post here on the forums you say you made your page to "engage with the public about their comments, opinions and thoughts relating to the automotive industry." which is outstanding! However on the page itself, you describe the goal of your page " to save you money whether you purchase or lease your vehicle. I'm certain we can make you an attractive offer". FWIW, the statement you made here on the forums sounds much more engaging and useful to your target audience than a sales based message currently on your page.

4. And lastly, with the way Facebook's algorithm treats Pages today (less than 10% organic reach, if not lower) it's going to take a lot of time, effort and consistency before you see your engagement take off - so don't give up! From a posting standpoint, I always followed the 90/10 rule. 90% of my posts were engaging, educational and/or entertaining and 10% were sales based messages. If you can build equity with your community by being genuinely useful, when you do have something sales based to say, it will have that much more of an impact. 

Wishing you the best of luck with all your efforts, and if you ever want to chat social media, feel free to send me a message here on DrivingSales :)

Maddy Low

Kimberly, welcome! We're so excited to have you on the DrivingSales community. I find the best way to get engagement is to reach out and interact with those who are engaging, or who would want to engage. Become their friend and network with them so they want to engage with you!

Mark Rask

Welcome are on the right track!


Derrick Woolfson, please disregard the dislike guster that was made in error. I really appreciate your comment and I have taken your advice to communicate with management prior to the postings on my Women With Wheels facebook page. Any suggestions given that would help me to become more productive with a better way of doing business, please send them my way. Thank you for your comment, it helps me to improve my business development. 

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