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Stan Sher
Great post. I find that different dealers have different policies. A policy such as the one in place is common in some dealerships while other places just simply do not care who the customer belongs to as long as the car gets sold. If the customer does not ask for you than "you are beat". The system you have place is fair in some aspects and unfair in others. First of all the customer base belong to the dealership not the sales person. Just because a name is attached to someone in the CRM does not mean they need it right away. However, you will not be able to change store policy so my suggestion is take the splits and make something over nothing sometimes and work smart. If you get the customer and first meet them put them in the CRM right away and if you find they belong to someone just give them over and do not waste your time.
Jared Hamilton
very often, the old timer sales people end up running the culture of the showroom floor, its no surprise that they tilt the culture in their favor. My recommendation is that you go back to the process. You should have a defined sales process, also, your sales process should be defined in the CRM system. If you (or the other sales person) completed the tasks (ie made your calls when prompted, emails and maintained the relationship with the customer when prompted to by the process) I would suggest you are on half that deal.
Ron Henson
Hi Mary, Welcome to DrivingSales! I agree with the comments made thus far in this thread and perhaps I can build upon those. Stan is right, you likely won't be able to get a long standing policy changed. However, perhaps you could make a recommendation that it get looked at by an employee panel to decide if the policy is still effective and fair. Every sales person is going to have a different work ethic when it comes to follow-up. Hopefully the dealership has a steadfast policy on following sold customers and the management is measuring it and holding people accountable. Unfortunately, that probably isn't the case. I also agree with Jared that a follow up trail should be visible in the CRM and if the work has been done, the deal should be split. Keep in mind that this policy that you dislike as a new sales person will benefit you once you have built a customer base. It then starts to protect you! Lastly, the policy in my store was that if there wasn't a documented follow up activity within the past 6 months the customer was fair game. The real go getters at my store would ask for a report on a monthly basis that showed "Customers with no contact in the past 180 days." They would be aggressive in adopting those orphans!
The inet complicates a split. I talked with walk in up and he was not in the market just shopping and could not get him in the store (wasn't his first rodeo). Gave him my card. He said when he was ready he'd be back. Well he decided to get his wife a car for Xmas did some online shopping and the inet people chatted with him about some vehicles. He then comes in and not only asks for but waits for me. The care the inet people talked about was all wrong for instance he wanted AWD and no leather. When I got to him he told me the deal and then showed me which vehicle he preferred on the net. That vehicle was gone so we had to find an suitable one for xmas which we did. Once I saw he had been online I talked to my MGR since the inet had him as a client. We split the deal. I know he was not in the precious CRM and neither are any ones prospecting efforts. If someone comes in asking for me and waits for me that should be a no brainer! It is for these reasons and others that there is an over 80% turnover rate!! No other profession has such a rate. Here is an example of why. The hours, the no time off, the skating, the policies that are sparsely enforced, no holiday pay and showroom favoritism, and no training. I have seen janitors get more training. I have held many professional and corp positions and owned medium sized services businesses and this job by far does not even classify for professional status. That is my rant. I have sold b2b, and retail. Completed multi-million dollar deals from beginning to end and thought I had dealt with great white sharks before. Well, this takes the cake. I can see where I could enjoy selling cars to people and even make money. However, the office politics and petty cut throat antics that management allows wouldn't and does not happen in any other field I have endeavored. Again this is why there is 80% turnover and CSI is crappy and why people flock to the inet as a way any thing to get away from auto salespeople. I see it everyday just like you do. I see the majority of the sales force and mgmt only in it for this month. Anything for the month (well only past the 20th day) screw the future deals. Then they wonder why people do not come back. I have been here only 4 months and I am one of 2 salespeople here over that time 10 have quit, both old and new and management has turned as well. From the GM on down. Please I implore those professionals out there speak up for sanity and clean up your industry. When congress has a better rating than us its oh so very sad.
Clint Jones
Mary and Tony There is a lot of information that you have put out there for us. You make some really good points, and some less effective points. First and foremost, if the store that you work in has a policy that says the sales person owns the customer for life, then find out if someone else owns them. Really, log into your CRM and look. Ask the customer if they bought previously. If you really want to know if that customer belongs to another person, you can find out. The way that I see it, you should be tickled to get 1/2 of a deal in this case. The repeat customer is so much easier to sell a vehicle to. 1/2 of the commission on one of those deals is an absolute gift. Tony, your situation is much more difficult for me to wrap my head around. Here is my question for you: This customer was a walk in. How many times did you talk to this customer in between when you met him and when he came into the store to buy the X-mas present? (Please don't tell me that you couldn't call him because you didn't get his phone number) Why did you not log this customer in the CRM when you first met him as a walk in? If you had stayed in touch with him, why would he ever get involved with the Internet Department? Just remember Tony, because you handed someone a business card does in no way shape or form make them "your customer". Automobile Sales can be a great career. You can make a lot of money, and it can be very rewarding. The thing you have to remember is that it is much more like Retail than it is B2B. If you want all of that structure and an organization that will run interference for you every day, then you have picked the wrong dealership to work at. As far as the system being why there is crappy CSI, I disagree.
mark rask
I like jarreds comments about following and creating a process. Reward the salespeople that are doing the job correctly

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