Split Deals

Megan Barto
First off - why is the desk calling in a "veteran salesman" (unless your store is split in teams, & if that's the case & it's the team leader, they should be getting a 'little extra' to have that role anyway). If it's a team leader & the Veteran Salesman is getting a "little extra" then no - that's his job, it's not a split deal. As far as the man coming into the desk - did you say something to him like "Wait right here, I'll be back" or "give me a few minutes, I know we're making some calls on your trade--I'm going to go check the progress." Etc etc.... It's important that *you* stay in control of your customers. Why isn't the desk manager stepping in? Why is the veteran salesperson? Is this a customary procedure? No - I don't believe it's a split. In most stores, Veteran Salespeople are given that title because they're there to help everyone - to make the *entire store better* - they should have assumed that role with that knowledge. & if they're a veteran salesperson, they probably have enough repeat/referral deals & don't really need that 1/2 anyway, right?
Joshua Michael Friedman
I liked what Megan says about the responsibilities that come with the title of veteran, or "senior" sales people. We do know that pay plans and company cultures vary wildly. Reading between the lines, it sounds like the primary sales person, the veteran and the desk manager all have differing expectations of what the ground rules are, let alone what they should be. Not always easy to sort it out in the heat of the moment, but well worth reviewing after the trade comes in and the new car is fully delivered.
Ron Henson
My thoughts: rather than the desk calling over a veteran salesman he should see if he can actually remove his butt from his chair to do his job and help make a deal.
Bryan Armstrong
Since when is a desk manager to Good to manage anything but a desk? And what kind of management would allow a newer salesman to be demoralized and trained that this is Ok? Veteran salesman my butt, more like lazy opportunistic vulture. If your the salesperson in that store, I'd run. Now.
Tom Gorham
I agree with Ron and Bryan. It was obviously time for a TO. No split deal.

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