Staffing for Equity Mining

Kristy Elliott
Our dealership is setting up equity mining through our service drive. What are the best practices for setting up staffing initially? Train all salespeople? Designate one or two and have them work the service drive exclusively? Thanks!
Parker Lukjanovs
@Kristy What system are you using for Data Mining? AutoAlert type of system? I would hire Service Specific BDC individuals for this only because Salesman want to sell sell sell, and BDC Reps (traditionally) should be more of the creating personal relationships, gathering information to work a deal out via phone or setting up appointments for an appraisals, test drives, etc..
Andrew Metcalf
Parker is absolutely correct here! I've seen a lot of success through the service drive when you actually have a Service Concierge representative (BDC member) greeting each service drive customer and owning the relationship post service for follow up. Have you looked at third party services that train or staff in house as well? I believe has free audits that can assist with this as well.
Kristy Elliott
Thanks @Parker and @Andrew! Appreciate your feedback. We are going to use AutoAlert.
Parker Lukjanovs
@Kristy We use AutoAlert here, absolutely one of the best tools I've seen to date for equity mining. Even thought the spend is right around $2,499 (at least for me) it's well worth it. Just need to have your team very much engaged in it.

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