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Ali khan
The e-Up is a computer generated list which enables all sales persons to be given a fair chance at succeeding. e-Up will be organizing the dealership into a successful place to work. Through the e-Up sales persons take turns approaching newly arriving costumers. Therefore, reducing the pressure factor for customers. Also, the list keeps track of the outcome of a customer’s arrival at the dealership. By using the E-Up list, the general manager can get progress and performance reports of not only the sales persons but also the dealership itself. What it does? -We are introducing the e-Up which will provide you real customer count -Your dealership will move into the 21st Century -Now you as management can decide who will cover the front of the dealership, how many salespersons you want outside the dealership at a given time and the rest of them participate in more productive activities Application Features • Simple touch screen interface • Web based log in from anywhere and everywhere • e-Up is the best way to keep eyes on your customers and your sales peoples too • Conveys professionalism • It is no longer an experiment, but a proven tool in sales processes • NEW tool for car deals, first and only of its kind. • Saves you time and money
Rafeena Singh

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