Team Reviews

Chris K Leslie

Do you think it’s better to have daily reviews or weekly reviews? Why?

Bart Wilson

It depends on your definition of reviews.  I think you should have daily huddles with your team in order to keep everyone on track.  They don't have to be long meetings, but it gives you an opportunity to set the tone.  If you can break monthly goals down to daily and focus on the activities that need to happen to achieve those daily goals, you mitigate the risk that team members will fall behind.

Derrick Woolfson

I used to be a fan of weekly reviews, but we now meet once monthly, and our CRM shows them where they stand with regards to their monthly goals. So if someone falls below a certain percentage of the goal, our sales manager gets an alert to which they work with them. I was not a fan of this model at first, but it helped us focus more time on those who need more assistance. For those who are hitting their targets, we work with them individually to build marketing campaigns, etc. 

Mark Rask

I thin a combination would be good 

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