Test Driving Without Insurance

Morgan Hardy

Do you allow customers to test drive without insurance? Usually, the customer has a specific amount of time to have the vehicle insured once they purchase so they may not have had insurance prior. Personally, I have never been asked to provide proof of insurance prior to test driving a vehicle. 

Jason Volny

@Morgan You bring up a good point, I've never asked for insurance from a customer. I figured the liability is on the dealership. @Bart Wilson, can you find us someone to answer this question. Who is responsible should something happen on a test drive? 

Morgan Hardy

@Jason- I think the dealer would like to hold the customer responsible but in all reality, I don't think that works. 

Randi DeSantis

Insurance follows the driver, unless the driver is uninsured. I worry about this with service loaners too- since the insurance follows the driver- if the driver only has PLPD the responsibility falls on us again. Also- the cheaper insurance companies- like Progressive- refuse to be the primary insurance on a rental/loaner- which is against most loaner agreements. Insurance is a weird beast, and I am sure there are so many potentials risks that we are not even aware of. 

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