That email "WOW" factor...

Daniel Wilkins
Is there anything that you put in an email that you've learned was a game changer for you? I've tried videos, pictures, special pricing, offering to bring the vehicle to them, etc. All basically the sale response rate.
Lauren Moses
Daniel, One the that I have found is if the customer sends in an email lead on one vehicle, give them one or two more that are in the same line and price range as the original. If you were buying wouldn't you want to compare? So why not compare for your customers just like they were on the lot. It gives you a chance to up sell also because you can do one step up from what they originally looked at. But you can also include one step down so if they feel the vehicle isn't worth what your asking you have an alternative to show them.
Ali Salman
Daniel it depends how the lists are segmented and sorted out, but if your customers know you are trying to sell them something the open rate will be low. Have your email marketing strategy around valuable content and solving problems of your customers. This way you will earn their trust. Email marketing is not direct selling, it is for nurturing your clients and turning them into long time brand loyalists.
Shawn Ryder
Daniel - based on your email, text and voice mail questions would like to talk with you about a few solutions. I work with dealers to send text, but also email that can be targeted / segmented based on data. Another great feature is the ability to interact with the email as well - for example send information on a particular brand and they click on a link for a model - automate an email to go out with more details about that specific model... build engagement based on the interaction.
Thomas Ieracitano
I would tend to agree with Lauren Moses, we should be giving the consumer choices.
Robert Karbaum
Well, not to toot my own horn, but the Appointment Boarding Pass I presented last year at DSES works pretty well. :P Do you do any link tracking on anything you put into your emails? Average video views for example?

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