The $64,000 Questions

Brad Maslowski
1.We train managers and they don’t buy in, so they dump it for the old way. 2.Customers with bad experiences speak louder than ones with great ones. 3.They don’t market for them self, and expect the dealership to bring in all the traffic. When that fails they leave.
Eric Miltsch
Definitely some thought provoking questions: 1. With all these resources why does our industry not have the best trained sales and management professionals in any retail segment? - IMO - I think this comes down to the fact that we may be training the wrong people - rather, we're hiring the wrong people. If the hiring processes were based on more professional criteria there would be a different attitude towards training a hire caliber employee. 2. Why don’t we have a stellar customer reputation? Again, this is a personnel issue. Dealers make poor choices when it comes to the people that put in front of the dealership customers. The sales people have the most contact with the customers, so what aren't dealership pickier about who they hire? 3. Why do we have turnover that is often worse than the fast food industry? Dealers don't do a good job of creating goals and paths for employees. What's next for a salesperson or a manager? Poor organizational structure & communication can make it difficult for an employee to dig their heels into a solid career path. And yes, the lack of support/training doesn't help.
rick shahin
The big reason is dealership leadership we have people who have been trained to do things and have not evolved. The salespeople are a reflection of the leaders who train them. This is still a hit and run business and we have leaders who have that mentality and character. You cannot train a leader to be different than who they are.
Big Tom LaPointe
What Brad said - PLUS - many salespeople are afraid of the phone or don't know how to use it (their managers didn't / don't either), and most companies who employ professional salespeople outside the car biz PAY THEM more than minimum wage while they are developing and don't demand (or guilt into) 70 hours a week.

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