To Lotlinx or not....that is the question...

Stephen Aten
Any experience with Lotlinx? What is different that me buying my own premium display ad space and routing customers to my VDP?
Stephen Aten
mark rask
Not yet, I have considered them
James Altemus
We started using LotLinx for our used car store in mid-November. It is too soon for hard numbers in terms of leads and sales, but by the end of November LotLinx was the #3 referrer to our website according to GA. It was a stronger #3 in December. That being said, the #1 and #2 referrers - two of the new car sites in our group - combined represent about 90% of our referral traffic. So far, so good, but we'll see in another month or two.
erica wiltshire
Hey thought I'd jump in here. We are a strategic partner with LotLinx and have been for over a year now (Think I need to disclose that. We help bring their solution to the automotive industry) Our biggest concern with LotLinx was being able to track sales. ROI.. I come from the manufacturer side and we are used to sending dealers physical leads, a name and number.. LotLinx doesn't feed the CRM machine. It's a new channel for shopping traffic and with the recent/deeper integration with Google Analytics, you are now able to see conversions. The smoking gun is really the turn rate increase. More eyeballs on cars = quicker sales.. The product seems to be very popular for Used cars.
Clint Jones
I have been looking at and considering LotLinx since early last fall. To me, there are a few things that have kept me from jumping on. 1) The sites that they list vehicles on are the "free sites" that most of us are already on either because our 3rd party providers (, Autotrader, etc.) already put us on even though we never asked to be there, or they are web site scraping aggregating sites. When was the last time you sold a vehicle because of Lemon Free or Motor Trend? I never have. 2) I can get traffic directly on my VDP cheaper by doing CPC via Adwords. In theory, this is a low funnel shopper providing the campaign is set up as such. Buy long phrase searches such as "2010 Impala White" so that you are attracting a click that is looking for a very specific vehicle. The idea is not just more eyeballs. The idea is more eyeballs that already know what they are looking for...just my opinion. 3) I have yet to find a reference that has done well with LotLinx. I have talked to a lot of people that tried it and bailed out. Most of the references have some type of affiliation to the produce. I want to talk to someone that has been on the program for 12 months or 6 months...that can actually quantify results. It is very difficult for me to spend money on something that can't be measured. If there is someone out there that can answer these questions, I would be highly likely to jump on.

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