Trade-In "The Secret To The Sale"

Shawn Clos
Looking at a lot of dealerships sales map or process to the sale it is amazing how many dealers overlook the power of the trade. The trade is the secret to the soul of the deal and will help build value into the new vehicle that the client is looking into. Let’s take a second and analyze how most dealers work the trade into the buying process. First, the sales consultant greets the customer and then starts walking the lot and is on a fact finding mission without utilizing the #1 secret to the sale “the trade”. They are wasting time by not looking at the trade up front. Now, I am not talking about getting the trade appraised and giving the number up front. All I am talking about is discussing the trade with the client. Let’s take a contrarian or opposite look at what most of the time happens. What if the trade was at first the MAIN focus point? What if the sales consultant took the client out to their trade and asked questions like these? What do you like most about your current vehicle? Is there anything that you would add, change or delete from your vehicle? What was the #1 thing that made you purchase this particular vehicle? I see X amount of miles on the vehicle, do you anticipate driving about the same amount of miles with your new vehicle? The above questions are just a small sample of what can be asked. Now the sales consultant has some tools for their tool belt and can utilize them to build value into the new purchase. As you see the trade is without a doubt the secret to the sale. If you are not putting the trade first, I would suggest that you give it a shot. I am sure that you will be amazed how clients love to talk about their trade.
Jeremy Alicandri
Valid points Sean. A great way to learn more about the customer as well.
Shawn Clos
Thank you Jeremy!! I appreciate the comment....going over the trade first allows the client to discuss something that is comfortable to them and is a great ice-breaker.
Chris Costner
Great points Shawn. I see the trade avoided so many times until it is absolutely necessary. So much dialogue and rapport can be built with your approach it crazy. You might even get from a few how they are just tired of their current vehicle or "this" is wrong with it and they are needing to make the jump sooner than later. I think many from the dealership standpoint think of it as a negative when it really isn't the case.
Bryan Armstrong
O.K. This may be a strange analogy, but i've always referred to the trade as the "EX". Think about it. If I were to go and speak to anyone's ex they would tell me the good the bad and the ugly. They could also tell me the desires and passions of that person. Something as simple as asking if they are considering uletting us buy their car if the bid was competitive can break an iceburg larger than the one that sank the Titanic. Budget? "What is/was your payment on this? Decision Maker? Is the registration here in the Glovebox? Do you still live at this address? Where will you be registering your new car? Who is this other person on the Reg.? Where are they now? (Work that destination into your Demo). People love to talk about themselves and the "Ex" they drove up in is a catalogue of information. Great post!
Jim Bell
Stay away from the trade and don't open that door too early in the process. If you do, then you may be commited to giving a figure too early and then you are done and can't hold back a little. Love your thoughts of it being an EX Bryan. I know very few people who like their EX's.

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