Turn Around.

Lauren Moses
Every Dealership has had their good times and their Bad times. Some bad more often than they care to admit to. We have our Great months, Good months, okay months, and not so good months. But with this comes the hassle of fluctuating inventory instead of a steady number of inventory. What do you do to keep a steady number of sales each month and stop the ups and downs in inventory?
Jay Pichardo
Thats where planning comes in, whoever handles your inventory needs to have a good long term plan.
Lauren Moses
We are working on that, but our main problem still lies in the up and down months that cause our inventory to fluctuate so much. We are a small one store dealership in a small town with a Parish population of just over 10,000. What is our greatest asset is that we are the only Buick and GMC store close by. The worst thing is we can't get the vehicles we sell the most of in. If we had 3 trucks full of Yukons and Yukon XL's we would have them sold in a week! We just can't get any here. The last 3 we have had didn't last 3 days before they were sold.
Shannon Hammons
You can't depend on GM for inventory. Be aggressive and go out and by some loads of what you need. It's up to you to get the inventory you need. GM will never give you want you want if your that small of a store.
Lauren Moses
Shannon, after making a few sales this week we are down to 25 vehicles....We have 4...I repeat 4 (I would bold it if I could!) 4wd trucks! Those are our main sellers. It seems to be the case with all of the GM dealers around us though. GMC Trucks are scarce but you can get truck loads of bowties. Except we don't sell Chevy. We have a few set to come in this week but we all know how the expected delivery dates are more "questimated"
mark rask
Jay is correct

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