Turnover to Accessories....

Victoria Dillabough

Our store STRUGGLES with this, and we recently heard a mind blowing state that over 70% of customers buy accessories post sale... what is your stores process for "turnover to accessories"? does it always happen? what can i do to improve our process

Bart Wilson

This is a good one.  Victoria, is your accessories department part of sales or fixed ops?

Victoria Dillabough

Fixed opps, however we try and do a turnover every time. I'd say it happens 10% of the time... poor! haha 

Bart Wilson

This can be a big issue in dealerships.  Let me play devil's advocate here.  Your sales team is trying to maximize profits on the vehicle, and that means front and back-end gross, which doesn't include accessories (because they don't get the revenue).  Accessories gets the scraps.

On the other hand, sales probably won't have the knowledge to sell a lot of accessories (wheels and tires?) and they tend to have an issue with follow up.

Who should own the accessories department?

Amanda Hanson

We don’t do turnovers... just never worked out 

Bart Wilson

Do your salespeople sell the accessories or have you found that it just doesn't pencil?

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