UCM Front Gross Focus Points

Daniel Wilkins
This is for any UCM out there, or anyone that has been in the position. I need to come up with 3 ways to increase front gross this month and present it to our dealer group. I just don't see any magic fix to jump $300 higher in gross PRU.
DJ Snyder
This might help you out.. http://www.drivingsales.com/forums/using-documentation-to-help-with-negotiation
Clint Jones
Hard Pack. Pencil EVERY deal with a trade allowance $200 below ACV, and negotiate the sale price of your vehicle, NOT the difference and NOT the trade allowance. Calculate your average gross if every customer through the door would pay your website asking price. How does that relate to your actual gross? There is a possibility that you are just plain priced too cheap on your inventory. I actually had this problem and raised a lot of our prices. Go back after your current customers...people that bought 4 years ago. Sell them cars before they get into the market and start pounding on every website within 200 miles of your store. Cut your advertising budget in half (on any traditional media if you do any) by going dark for a week, advertise for a week, go dark for a week, advertise for a week. Just a few ideas. You have your work cut out for you. A $300 jump in gross is a fantastic goal! I admire how ambitious you are!!!

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