What are you doing to engage your prospects?

Bart Wilson

Dealership communication today involves engaging prospective customers.  What are you doing to engage your customers?

Chris Olson

Phone, Video, Texting, Email, Smoke Signals.  Quantity, Quality, Variety

Michael Smith

What Chris said.  On a clear day with little wind we can get smoke signals out to about 10 miles.

Shelby  Youngblood

Has anyone tried video content or personalized videos as a way to reach customers?


Mallory Hughes

Video is the best way to provide engaging and relevant content that your customers will actually watch!

Derrick Woolfson

We have had success in offering the customer a gift card for a test drive. We had lead buckets, one week, two weeks, and then the longer-term follow-up. The customer was either emailed or texted the $25 gift card for the vehicle that they were interested in (we sometimes did $75 if it has been more than 60+ days for a new vehicle). We usually sold anywhere from 5-8 additional vehicles a month using this program. And when reviewing the reporting, these were customers that only engaged with us after having been sent the gift card coupon. 

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