What feature would you add to your CRM system?

Jared Hamilton
We've been having this internal conversation about CRM systems and where they are headed. Id love to hear your thoughts: If you could dream up one feature to add to your CRM system what would it be? Would it be a way to communicate through social channels? Is there something lacking in how CRM handles leads? Do you want Klout scores pulled in with your leads or customer communication? What would you add to your CRM system if you could wave a wand and make it happen?
Brian Pasch
Jared Great question and the feedback here on DrivingSales.com can help make our CRM Discussion Panel even more focused. http://www.automotivemarketingbootcamp.com/20110303-automotive-crm-systems/
Steve Richards
Video capabilities....
Tony Rhoades
In a word - DMS! Since integration is a misnomer, I would like to see the day were a Best of Breed CRM manages the transaction from contact to accounting. Having all 10s in one Best of Breed DB would rock!
Alex Snyder
This is an older thread on the same topic: http://www.dealerrefresh.com/blueprint-series-automotive-crm-solutions/ A lot of what was being asked for then, still applies today. It is good to keep this newer DrivingSales thread together with the DealerRefresh one so people can take a look at what folks are asking for out of CRM in general. And I'll add to this one: transparency from click to curb. Being able to view reporting that is congruent with my website and take action based on things that happened online would be some really cool CRM features.
David Johnson
Social CRM integration with the ability to see your customers social graph. From there it would be nice, in their profile, to see whats happening on their Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as their blog, if they have one. Personally I use Batchbook and I've come accustom to seeing it.

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