What is your sales process?

Vincent R
A sales process seems to be virtually non-existent at the used car dealerships that I've worked at. But I've seen different new car dealerships with varying sales processes ranging from 10 to 15 different steps. What are the steps to the sale that you use?
Lauren Moses
Sell, Sell, Sell....No Joking. Greet, narrow down choices, get them on a test drive while figuring trade in (if they have one), get selling price + incentives and rebates, Trade in value, work out the numbers, agree to make the purchase, sign paperwork and deliver the vehicle.
Dennis Wagner
Vincent - You can find the Steps to the Sale all over Google. Check it out! Assuming you are talking about the steps to the sale.
Daniel Wilkins
Meet and greet, interview, coach/council, walk around, demo drive, facility tour, close, TO if necessary, write up, burning gas
Elise Kephart
If I had to do it all over again, I would get uncomfortable with my sales process and learn the art of the phone. Do this first, and the steps to the sale in person will be a cake walk. Mastering the art of the phone is a struggle for many automotive professionals because we only have the words we say and the tone we say them in to control the conversation. In person, we can bring out the asses and albows-we can animate ourselves and use our body language and face to face selling. Something that always stuck with me, is learn the steps to the sale and learn the business like you would be going for your masters degree. Its so nice to have forums like this that we can all connect on for advice and input.
Dustin Lyons
I like to think of the "road to the sale" as more of a progression that should naturally flow from the first initial contact through the delivery and subsequent follow up, rather than individual steps that one checks off a list so to speak. The typical steps that are important and part of that progression should overlap and in my opinion (depending on the customer and the ability of the sales professional) can even sometimes go out of order, or be skipped, or be combined together etc... Yes I did say that they can sometimes be skipped! But that comment comes with some fine print and is meant for certain circumstances and the right sales person and customer. So to clarify, the progression with the steps (basics, fundamentals, foundation) should be studied, practiced, internalized and implemented so much so that it becomes natural for you and you go through that progression the right way each and every time without having to think about it. With that preface, here is what I found worked very well for myself and my sales team: Before customer is on the lot: Prospect. Don't sit around and wait, find some business! Individual marketing. Make sure people find you and want to do business with you. Phone skills (You are right on Elise!). Be effective on the phone to get people in. Email skills. Learn to spell, proper grammar (don't necessarily use me as an example though), and learn how to write effective emails that will get customers to come to the lot. When a customer is at your store: Meet and greet. First impressions are critical. Confidence and purpose is key. Investigation. Learn your customer, knowledge is power. Selection. Pick the right car based on the customers preferences. Presentation. Show the customer why this is the prefect vehicle for them based on their wants. Demo drive. Make sure the customer falls in love with the car and with you. Dealership value. Tour service and the rest of the dealership to build value. Trial close. Test the waters and know where you stand. Write up. Be complete and thorough and get your commitment. Close. This should be easy if you have done the rest of the progression properly. Delivery. Make sure your customers leave extremely satisfied. After the sale: Follow up. Please don't forget or be too lazy for this, it is important for CSI and referrals. Social engagement. Leverage the great relationship you now have with your customers and use their sphere of influence to line up your next customers. This leads right into the very first step I listed above which is prospect, and so it goes, around and around. Also notice that I didn't list building rapport as a separate step because I believe that should be done throughout the entire process. In addition to getting your customers to like and trust you the whole time you should also be investigating (asking questions with follow up questions), and trial closing the whole time. One of the things that I always taught my sales team was to plant seeds along the way. Dropping little hints early on that get the customers thinking about buying that day can really help later on when those thoughts have grown into true mental ownership and excitement.

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