What one thing are you working on for the year (new cars)

Josh Robitaille
Increasing your business, what one thing are you working on for the year to increase your business. Also, how would you control, measure, and make sure that what you are doing is working.
Grant Gooley
One thing to work on: "Audience Aggregation" is a good one. Building brand awareness through your website = Phone calls, leads and traffic to the dealership. Resulting in sales... How to track and measure: Track "unique visits" to the website and "Vehicle Detail Page Views" on the website. Put new initiatives in place that will drive relevant traffic to your site. (Google Adwords, Social Advertising, Retargeting, Banner Ads, Priority Placements in automotive marketplaces, etc) then measure unique visits, leads and phone calls. Just one idea... Anyone else?
Jesse Peterson
We re-did our website top-to-bottom through Ford's Elite Plus program. In doing so, really making sure every page is laid out exactly how we want it and says exactly what we want it to say and aligns with everything else-showroom, lot, TV ads, etc. We also re-did our photo booth and are 80% of the way to having completely fresh new pictures (100% on Used, 70% there on new). Also in terms of merchandising, we are doing a better job with comments, utilizing the tools within our system to help us with this. We also price all of our new inventory, a no-brainer in most markets but not yet the norm in ours, so we are a little ahead of the curve. What we are working on with that now is pricing all of our in-bound (in-transit or at the factory) inventory as well. That stuff shows up on our site about 2-3 weeks before it shows up at the store. I have yet to see another dealer do this and I have looked at a lot of Ford dealer sites.
Freda Ramey
Try to enhance skills for getting priority attention of marketing & advertising decision-makers without coming across as too aggressive yet being persistent enough to get that golden opportunity to present. Any suggestions from those of you who get bombarded with calls?
mark rask
Good stuff grant
Grant Gooley
Thank-you Mark! Appreciate the kind words :)

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