What Percentage of Used Car Shoppers Buy New?

Dan Sayer
Does anyone have any new data about what percentage of used car inquiries end up buying new and visa-versa? I recall it being some number like "35% of used car shoppers end up buying new". There were some other items like decision time-frame gap being a factor as well. Anyone? Vendors? Our used car inventories are down YOY. We've seen a decrease in new sales but an increase in used sales, go figure. I'm convinced that many of our new cars sales come from leads generated initially on used car inquiries and when our core used are down, new is down. Thoughts?
Dan Sayer
Clint Jones
I follow your logic, and believe you may be onto something there. Unfortunately, I have absolutely NO data to back that up.
Chris Reed

It's a challenging question because not all consumers identify as new car or used car only buyers.  Edmunds, a great source for these stats, reports 43% of their visitors only shop new, 24% only shop used and 30% are open to either based on affordability or other considerations.

mark rask

That has to be a hard thing to measure because the term used car buyer is so broad. (bline, secondary, cpo etc)

Timothy Lewis

we conducted a survey last year and it turned out to be 50%, most of them want a new digital experience

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