What the heck are GM One Source and GM Third Party leads?

Jeremy Friedland

No matter how many times I search, I cannot find anyone that can tell me the difference between GM One Source and GM Third party leads, and how to tell the difference.

All I know is that we get a lot of them, and they do not convert very well.

Nobody knows what they are or where they come from. 

Can anybody shed some light on these mysterious leads?

Chris K Leslie

I've been down that road many times. It never leads me to where I want to go but I do get a little more insight every now and again.. 

So, from what I've been able to gather over the last few years is this.. 

Onesource - Handles the leads that come in from your CDK site, LMA site and the GM/Chevy sites. So when someone does a Build and Price on the chevy site. That lead is going to come through to your CRM and post with the lead being internet and the tracking code being something like BP - General New Vehicle Request. All the CDK forms will also route through onesource. 

GM Thirdparty Leads - These leads are the same leads that Autobytel, Dealix etc are buying or getting to re-sell back to you. For example, Autobytel may actually sell leads to GM thirdparty to re-sell to you. We've had cases where a lead will come in from Autobytel and GM Third PArty at the same time. The lead reselling game might as well be ran by the mob in my opinion.  Also, I do not believe these route through one source since they need to cloak any information that may show where the lead was actually orginiated from. I could be wrong on them routing through one source though. 


OneSource is just the middle man trying to put the right things oin the right boxes. GM 3rd party are leads that are being bought and sold in the lead market. 

mark rask

Our gm third party leads are broken out seperate in our crm.....that helps to know what all one source is sending though

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