What's the best way to hold gross on new car sales?

I am curious, how do you hold gross on new car sales?

Tim Nester

Scott this is a question that many ask in this current market. My team is gaining in small incriments by following the basics of selling. I know this sounds a little obvious, but in every market and with every product retailed or wholesaled there is competition and a website providing information. I stick to training the value and relationship, correct vehicle with correct equipment level and a "F.A.B." presentation will create the environment to maintain a more profitable deal structure.

Good Selling!!


Tim, great comment and I couldn't agree with you more. A properly trained sales professional adds so much value to the final offer that holding gross becomes more possible. Even with all the information available to consumers today, a great professional experience goes a long way with most buyers.

Mark  Handlon

If the sales person has done their job and most importantly built a great rapport with the customer you always stand a better chance at holding gross. If the sales person treats the whole deal just for what it is- a deal, then your chances of holding gross diminish.

Aaron Johnson

They used to say to do a $55,000 walk around on a $55,000 vehicle and sell yourself plus the car - or a $115,000 walk around on a $115,000 luxury machine - Back in the day, it was a mastered craft with cash awards and national walk-around contests. Your first line of sales today is online and often leaves the buyer with a Data Dump to help them decide on a new vehicle. Last week, I saw a Robot Description that said a 2017 Lexus RC Turbo had Running Bords (yep... an impossible option even spelled wrong). Tell the Story, Build Value, Build Gross - a shopper wants a 6.2 Liter V8, but your listing says V8 and your brand offers three different V8s with three different power bands, towing capacities, and fuel economy.  Tell them which one you have. If they have to research - they might not land on your lot again. Somehow dealers today expect the client to do the research of just call in when the dealer that advertises in detail captures their attention with the right facts. Your favorite dining spot wouldn't do well if they gave up the sizzle on an open fire grilled steak if they advertised it "COW." Sell the Sizzle - the manufacturer spends zillions on roll outs, and your description said "the most sought after vehicle in the world but missed the color, trim, drive type, engine, or transmission. Some even call a Mercedes-Benz C300 a 4X4 - you can't connect with the buyer if they speak 4MATIC and your description speaks 4X4. Weak presentations effect gross.

People Seek Information to make an informed decision.   

Aaron, couldn't agree more about Demo's/Walk Arounds. You better build some value in the vehicle during this step of the sales process.

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