What's Your Funniest Test Drive Story?

Maddy Low

Ok, who here has the funniest test drive story? I'm sure we've got dozens of good ones, post yours here.

I was once taking a car for a test drive when the salesman started falling asleep! I had to wake him up when we got back to the dealership, it was so funny!

Brad Paschal

FIrst week I was a salesmen I went on a test drive with a customer in a VW Golf R.  He drove crazy and I thought I was going to die.

Adam Shiflett
Bart Wilson

I took a gentleman on a test drive once in a Mustang GT 500.  He took a right through the first intersection and peeled out causing the car to do a 360.  In the intersection.

I looked at him after we stopped and said, "Should we go back to the dealership?"  He nodded and we went back.  

I never saw him again.

Bryan Armstrong

Took Tacoma we were test driving off-road. We got back to the Dealership and you couldn't even see what color the truck was. I was shaking in my shoes till he said "alright, I'll take it!"

Mark Rask

On my first day in the auto business my manager had me go on a test drive in  old ford tempo(beater) with a . The previous owner was a fisherman and had left a fishing lure on the drivers side visor. The customer had a full set of dreads and at some point in the drive they became tangled in the fishing hooks. As he struggled it just got worse! Keep in mind he is driving as well. Finally we get back to the store and to get my manager. I told him"you are not going to beleive this"....he told me he had seen everything. Well we walk out to the car and he was amazed. We had to unattach the visor from the car and the customer steps out with it stuck to his head! He left the store and went home an had someone cut it out of his hair.

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