Where do you guys advertise are post to find new salesmen?

Max Katsarelas
We've used LinkedIn and found some success. We also included a video of the hiring manager talking about what makes us unique and how we value diverse backgrounds/skills.
Craig Lockerd
Shannon there are so many places but lets start with your own website,if you dont have a career tab on your site ,you should...a simple word press site would work,then call Indeed.com the largest job board in the world and have them index your help wanted ad from there,also use Simply Hired who is the 5th largest,they are Job Aggregators,you can post there,they need to pull your job from what would be your own job board. It's a pay per click ,you control your budget,very effective. We also use Career Builder and Monster and Beyond.com ,Zip Recruiter and Craig List. We happen to own a site called www.onlinevetjobs.com small fee,you write and post the ad and it is indexed by the National Veteran Job Bank,Indeed and Simply Hired. There is a new board that will be live in a few days that can be found on automotiveinternetsales.com called carjobsonline.com similar to onlinevetjobs in nature. If you have any questions on the how to or more info you are more than welcome to call me for advice at 800-878-5090 ext 5 or email me at clockerd@automaxrecruiting.com, no pitch,free advice. Hope this helps. Craig Lockerd
Craig Lockerd
What Max said is good as well,but that depends on if you are looking for experienced or folks with no experience? Max is spot on with the info about the hiring manager "speaking" to the applicant,thats part of a strong job description,who that job seeker who will be working with is super important to put in any help wanted ad.
Aaron Schinke
Always, always, always utilize local university boards! Great energetic talent from not only student but some faculty! Also... if you can get a link in the description there is a little SEO boost too! Lastly... think about writing fun descriptions! It's sharable and sets the scene! http://www.dealerfire.com/join-the-dealerfire-team-writer

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