Who does it?

Brad Wise

Who applies for factory incentives ( on new car deals ) in your store? Accounting ? Sales managers?

Who reports new vehicle deliveries to the factory everyday - Accounting? Sales managers?

Who does the dealertrade paperwork ? Accounting ? Sales managers ?


Based off the last dealership I worked at:

Who applies for factory incentives (on new car deals) in your store? Sales managers

Who reports new vehicle deliveries to the factory everyday? Accounting

Who does the dealer trade paperwork? Accounting

Derrick Woolfson

I wish we did that! It has all been shoved on my desk. I think it is ideal, however, if the sales manager applied for OEM incentives, and if accounting reported the sale. The GM took it away from the sales managers because they were making far to many mistakes with emails, names, and/or using the wrong VINS causing us to lose *thousands* of dollars. Fun times. 

No offense to you, Derrick, but if your sales managers can't get a name and email correct, how can they be trusted to desk a deal? That's a lot of extra work being shoved on your plate.

Derrick Woolfson

Right, Sunny! Albeit, they are new sales managers, but nonetheless - there are so many resources to learn how to do it. I am planning on meeting with the GM again and use your model. It just makes sense. And I am sure (just as our OEM does) they send out memos on new programs that have to be claimed a *special* way, etc making it even easier haha.

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