Who drives first?

Robbie Wilson
People have more information at their fingertips than any time before in history. Because of this I believe the true essence of sales is in determining someones needs prior to selecting the correct vehicle for them. The old way of, check out this beautiful new car... and look at the trunk space... and check out the engine, it was built for you... is dead. Now more than ever one must discover what the "whats" and "whys" of their customer are prior to the drive. And, that the drive and demonstration is the only traditional selling part of the sale still left in the industry. Furthermore, if the feature you are showing them did not come from the customer, then the feature has no benefit at all to be shown. SEE BELOW - - > There are three main reasons for the rep driving first and I want to know why or why not you agree or disagree with me. 1. They've never driven this specific car 2. They've never been in a confined space with you (in a world where no one connects and spends the majority of time in front of a cell phone texting for human interaction) 3. They've never pulled out of your lot on to that street - Why overwhelm someone? - Won't they be able to enjoy the car more if you show them how easy it is to use? - If you only show them the features they are interested in during the test drive, won't they value the car, you, and the dealer more? - If you do a walk around on those features prior to opening the driver door for them prior to their drive won't they feel more welcomed? - If your drive only took two minutes and you're willing to let them really test it out once they are comfortable with you, the car, and the setting after you've helped them to adjust the seat and mirrors, can they not imagine driving it every day? Please let me know why we let people throw keys to a customer, let them drive off the lot onto a busy intersection in a congested dealer lot with a perfect stranger is a good idea for a sale. I will never understand it. Expect what you inspect. Inspect the drive, its one of the many reasons someone doesn't want to come back inside.
jake klein
Ive been trained in a few ways. The you (salesman) drives first is great for someone who has not been selling cars. This gets you in control of the customer. But with my experience it depends on the customer. Some people can not wait to get their hands on the new car.... Sometimes that plays into you driving first. Also it depends if the customer is just kicking tires or just wasting time. I think that it goes on basis of your decision and the rapport you have with the customer. I did it 2 different ways for 1 month each. I did not notice a difference in closing these customers. I really just think it comes down to you and your dealerships process.
Clint Jones
I agree with Jake. I believe that there are controllable elements withing process, and I believe that some of these will ultimately effect the end result. I do not believe that the sales person driving the vehicle first is one of those elements.
DJ Snyder
I've always started w/ the test drive. I started doing this back in 2000 when I kept getting rebuttals about test driving. It became habit and still works for me today.
Jason Stum
I was trained to drive first. In the beginning it felt kind of awkward, but I got used to it. I actually feel that I was able to make my customer more comfortable with me and the car while I was driving than I would have been able to if they were behind the wheel first.
mark rask
I agree ith jake, I believe it I different for each situation

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