Who should salespeople be branding?

Paul Rushing
I am a firm believer that individuals who are paid on commission only should work on branding themselves first and the store second if at all in their personal online efforts? Such as including their cell phone numbers at classified vendors like at or cars.com and even craigslist. Please vote in the poll and leave your opinion and comments.
Jared Hamilton
Sales people should understand and make the effort to brand themselves. As the dealer though, I would want my numbers advertised anywhere so that in the event of turnover I had the stray calls coming to my store. The best situation for everyone is where you have a long term employee who you know takes care of customers and who WANTS to brand themselves. Its a win for everyone. Especially since I believe most customers want to connect with a human, not just a deal. If you really wanted to get crazy you could self brand yourself like the blue genie at Towbin dodge! Its worked extremely well for him!
Larry Schlagheck
Salespeople, by nature, are cowboys. Nearly every salesperson is compensated on what he/she sells, so it goes without saying (even though I am) that they need to brand themself first. However, without a strong product with a good perception behind that salesperson it's gonna be tough. Sure they may be able to sell someone once, based on their personable branding/reputation, but will they be able to sell that customer the second time? Doubtful. People don't like doing business with poorly branded organizations. If a customer doesn't know what the company stands for they're less likely to come back.
Philip Zelinger
The answer to most situations is to follow the money honey and this one is no different! An auto dealer's investment is supported by the anticipated R.O.I. realized by his money as well as the people that he "rented" with it. My answer to the initial question was a qualifed both, but, contrary to my valued friend Paul I would place the priority on the dealer since he expects and deserves a long term investment on his money - and people - that should not be easily transferred to a competitor. Another important consideration is that I strongly object to salespeople promoting their cell numbers or personal lines since more often than not they bypass the Telephony applications and associated CRM linked to DMS functions meant to centralize customer contacts as a critical dealer asset for present and future marketing for sales and service opportunities. Missed calls or limited access to information away from the established processes at the dealership suggest that a call to a cell or a home can't poss
Auto-Industry Interviews
From a dealers perspective I can see the importance of the dealership being branded, especially if it is their money being used for the branding. What about the rare situation where a salesperson takes their own initiative without being funded by the dealer to build their brand? How many times have you heard the stories where long time employees leave a dealer and take a substantial book of business with them? Those individuals protected their brand by building those relationships with the shared customer base. Whose customer is it? The dealers or the salespersons? My answer is both. Whoever does the best job at building the relationship will win. If people are not compensated other than commissions for building that relationship the dealer is the long term looser.
Bart Wilson
I agree. The perfect scenario would be both parties working together. The dealership has spent a lot of money developing the brand, but ultimately it is the ability of the salesperson that decides if the sale happens. To me the loyalty and the branding really starts AFTER the sale. This is where a lot of salespeople fall short. Too often the follow up is not done properly by the salesperson but most dealerships do a decent job. What can we do to get our salespeople to catch the vision of long term follow up?

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