Would you outsource your New Car leads to a Virtual BDC?

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

Have you or are you currently outsourcing leads to an outside BDC? Is it working for you?

Derrick Woolfson

I tend not to be a fan of virtual BDC's. We tried it in my last group, and we came across the following issues: the BDC agent is not on site and does not know the inventory status, miss-communication between the customer and BDC Agent (they don't know the policies), Appointments were not booked consistently, and the quality was not always the best - i.e, we'd call the customer and they said "I said I might come in. I did not set a specific time." 

This is not to say that all Virtual BDC Agents are bad, but if you do use one I would make sure to set clear expectations with the service you are using. This way you are on the same page. And it is a two way street, the dealer is just as responsible for checking in with the agents to see what is going on. 

Mark Rask

Prob not

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