Yelp replaces Yahoo review

James Jalali
Have you ever felt pressured by yelp to pay to be on their site? We don't have a choice, your business will be on yelp even if you never signed up for yelp free account, and soon or later you'll be contacted by yelp to pay a monthly fee. You might think, you don't want your business be listed on yelp, so you ask them to remove it from their site, that is not going to happen, they want every single business there, no matter how small it is, because you could be paying your monthly dues, or be affected by negative reviews. As of mid March 2014 ( I might be few days of the actual date), Yelp replaced Yahoo business reviews, because they started a partnership. If you had good yahoo review, but didn't want to pay yelp, forget about it, all your yahoo reviews that your business has accumulated for years will be replaced by Yelp. As a business owner, or a professional who is tired of yelp extortion, go to following website and sign the following petition.
mark rask
I had a demo from them a month ago......felt the same way as you
James Jalali
Mark, If you agree with me, sign the petition:
Daniel tringale
Hi, I just signed the petition. Is this the only forum to discuss this issue? Yahoo removed 46, 5 star reviews and replaced them with 1 yelp review? Dan
Robert Karbaum
If it is any consolation, all review sites will start putting expiration dates on reviews. If you don't have any drop off, eventually everyone will have an amazing score. Likely, all review sites (Yelp included) will inherit the Dealer Rater rule where reviews drop off after 12-24 months. So at the end of the day, those would have likely disappeared sooner or later anyway.
Daniel tringale
So 1 yelp review is better than 46 Yahoo reviews for the next 12 to 24 months? Dan

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