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Katie Colihan
Hey Tyson, I am having this same problem with a client of mine and I contacted my local Yelp Community Manager. Here's what they told me directly from an email: "Katie, I have received this question a lot and I think the best course of action is to claim the business page, respond to reviews so people know that someone from the company is paying attention, and just continue to provide great service. Once you claim the business page, there are a host of tools available for you to use, and I believe there are some "Check out our page on Yelp" graphics available that you can add to your website as well. There's no way to know which reviews will be filtered. Also, since the filter is constantly evaluating content, sometimes reviews that are filtered now may come out of the filter later. I think the main message is that Yelp is a community and not a drive-by site; one-off reviews really aren't helpful because we want users to become part of the community and share all of their experiences with local businesses. It helps other readers to get a better idea of that person's likes and dislikes and can help with decision-making. With your increased attention to your company's online presence, I think you'll start to see a positive change. Good luck! " ...not sure if this helps you at all, Tyson, but thought I'd share my findings! :)
Pat McKemy
Providing good service is the way to get positive reviews from people. Reviews cannot be filtered on Yelp, if the business owner stays active on the site and responds to the reviews- then eventually, positive reviews start flowing in. This is the only way I think that can help yelpers.
Tyson Gamblin
Pat - "Reviews cannot be filtered on Yelp," you sure that reviews can't be filtered even if you have an active account?
Tyson, I recommended this for one of my clients. Copy and paste Positive filtered reviews. Put into your blog. Tweet oh use whenever you feel need or to rank . here its is Good luck
Casey Copeland
The yelp review filter is pretty complicated. It mimics a lot of the behavior of Google's system, but is even more strict. One of the main factors it take into consideration is the persons activity in the yelp community. Basically if they leave more reviews, their specific reviews are more likely to stick. Another thing yelp is trying to cut down is "extreme" reviews. So this means reviews that are ranked either 1, or 5 stars are also more tightly scrutinized. Were getting ready to start focusing on yelp as our next property to increase our positive reputation on. We have found since many first time posters tend to get filtered, and they make up the majority of people we would be sending to yelp to review us, its simply a numbers game to an extent. One quick tip I would give you that we have found from other properties we have worked on is to link directly to the review page if necessary, not your profile. So when you isolate a customer who you want to leave a review for you on yelp, and your emailing them for the request for instance, send them to the URL of the page that comes up when you click the "Write a Review" button instead of the profile URL. This can have a big increase in the number of people who actually complete the process.
Heather Brautman
Unfortunately, Pat is incorrect. If you Google "yelp + reviews + extortion" or "lawsuit," you'll see that Yelp has been embroiled in many legal issues. Basically, if you don't pay their "advertising" fees, Yelp will bury your positive reviews and float the negative ones to the top. It's just a fact of life with the company. You can either take a stand, Tyson, and not pay, or you can go ahead and pay. Yelp has a load of canned responses on why (only) your positive reviews get filtered. They'll say everything from the person reviewing them is suspected as being fake, they thought it was dealership employees posting, too may hot-button key words, using curse words... when all of it is not true. When I was marketing director at a Ford dealership here in NorCal, we'd literally have someone email us and say "Hey, I just reviewed you guys 5 stars," I'd email a screenshot to everyone involved, and within 24 hours, it ended up off the page. Sad, sad stories. Good luck to you. You may want to check out some more options including Dealerrater, Edmunds, and CitySearch.

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