A lot of approaches

What's your go to approach to those who walk into your lot?

I like just being myself...

Big Smile, mind the body language, be ready to Power Greet and move into Appraisal...

Good morning, welcome to ABC Motors, thank you for stopping by. - Have you worked with anyone here before? No, great... what information can I provide you today?

Great, you want to look at new Honda Accords... We have an excellent selection of Honda Accords as well as a couple pre-owned models. Are you driving an Accord now...

Continue to move through the process... That's for someone who comes onto the lot. If it's a drive-by or a harder customer scenario we could apply specific training to it. A simple well thought out Power Greet is the best.  

Get on Cardone U.

Chris K.

General purpose or unsure who they are in the showroom greeting: Hi welcome to AMG Motors, can I point you in the direction of anyone or anything in particular today? On the lot:  Hey there, kicking tires and shopping around today? Walking into the store:  Thanks for stopping into ABC Motors, do you have an appointment? Sometimes use them all in conjunction to get to the NEXT step.

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