As-Is Vehicles

Morgan Hardy

Do you sell vehicles "as-is"? How are these handled? Do you provide the customer with an inspection report and estimate of repairs needed?

Derrick Woolfson

No, it winded up being a daunting process. We could not find an easy way to convey the "As Is" process to the customer. Not to mention, in our state there are frankly to many rules associated with selling it: no test driving outside of dealer parking lot, no temp-tags, etc. If it cannot be reconditioned for a reasonable price we wholesale it. 

Bart Wilson

We were fairly successful with As Is vehicles. I think as long as you are up-front with the customer, you'll do alright. We took vehicles we weren't going to keep and created a Cash and Carry lot. The buyers knew what they were getting into.

Tim Scoutelas

I like to call them "Bargain Lot" cars.  They have always been in high demand and if there is ever a way for a dealer to figure out how to sell more "low cost" units, its a win. Consider creating a spot on the lot to merchandise these units and be 100% up front with the goal. Throw the repair order in the trunk/glove box.  Offer these units online with their own drop down.  These lower priced units drive traffic.  It's not easy, but when done right, it can be effective.

Chris K Leslie

Isn't all used cars As-Is for the most part. I mean we dont really retail anything that is questionable. If it don't pass safety it goes away =) 

Morgan Hardy

@Bart- yes! But a lot of customers want the questionable stuff haha

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