tammy Hollingsworth


I have just been hired as the first person in the BDC dept at a BMW pre-owned dealership in New Hampshire. If I get one internet lead a day it's been a good day. I do have a CRM and AutoMastermind which of course involve alot of outbound calls, texts, emails and am lucky enough to have the capacity to send a video of myself to the prospective customer. 

I am looking for word tracks that make sense and would help with setting appointments.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Derrick Woolfson

Are you the only one handling leads? If you are only getting one lead, then I imagine not. If that is the case, see if you can follow-up on all of the leads the sales consultants have not bothered to call. Trust me, there will be plenty of them! As for word tracks, Driving Sales has very *solid* tracks. You should also check out Phone Ninjas! I do not agree with all of their content, but they do have a solid word track for appointments. 

Bart Wilson


Welcome to the community and the dealership!  Derrick is right.  There are lots of sources out there for word tracks.  I feel like the most important thing is to ask.  Too often sales and BDC reps don't ask for the appointment.  You won't schedule appointments you don't ask for.

I would also suggest having a manager confirm every appointment.  This really increases the likelihood that they will show up.

Mark Rask

I would start by asking bmw if they have any bdc resources

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